Rules & Guidelines

These policies are applicable to any user in all community sites and servers, without exceptions to staff and donators. Depending on the severity of the infraction, violators can and will be gagged, muted, kicked, and/or banned for any or an indefinite length of time.

    Community Etiquette

  1. We are primarily an 18+ community.
    • Since we are not strictly an adult community, be aware that you may still run into adult content, discussions, and situations.
    • Squeakers are tolerated until they turn on Call of Duty mode and start raging in mic or chat.

  2. We do not tolerate any form of fraudulent activity.
    • Do not use deception, thievery, lies, or anything that is underhanded to take advantage of or steal from another trader.
    • Known scammers banned from are automatically prohibited from connecting to our servers.

  3. Retaliation by harassment against others are prohibited.
    • Harassing and getting revenge against players or staff outside of the game itself is prohibited.

  4. Do not abuse any abuse reporting system.
    • Please do use the courtesy of being honest, accurate, and patient in your report. Help us as much as we want to help you.
    • Only use the !calladmin feature for direct violations of the community rules and guidelines.
    • Any abuse or repetitive instances of false reports may result in a permanent ban.

  5. Do not spam in any forum, discussion, topic, or comment section.
    • This includes harassment, advertising, derailing, racism, closed/modified/deleted/NSFW content, or any personally information.

  6. Do not bypass any filters issued in response to violations of our policies.
    • Any attempt to bypass any punishment will result in a permanent ban regardless of violation or punishment.

    Gameplay & Sportsmanship

  7. Adult sprays are tolerated within reason.
    • If they are deemed too lewd and/or offensive, the player will be forced to remove it.

  8. Do not spam in voice chat, text chat, or sounds.
    • This includes griefing, trolling, begging, advertising, harassment, racism, saysounds, and any defective game sounds.

  9. Music spamming by voice chat is tolerated within reason.
    • Music is permitted to be shared unless any one person asks the spammer to stop for any reason.
    • Only one person may play music at a time. Take turns!

  10. Spawncamping is somewhat tolerated within reason.
    • If the opposing team asks you to back off, please do so. Allow them to safely leave spawn before engaging in a duel.
    • An exception to this is when they are engaging from spawn.
    • Never directly camp in their spawn room.

  11. Abuse of exploits in game are not tolerated.
    • This includes exploits in server plugins, maps, modifications, and original game features.
    • Exploited features may also result in the removal of the custom, ruining the gaming experience for all.
    • If you are aware of any exploits, do not share or publicize it with anyone except for the moderators or administrators.

  12. Use of any unfair assistance software in game is strictly prohibited.
    • Cheaters on the server are not tolerated and are, to some extent, automatically detected by the server and banned.
    • If you're a shitty enough player to use cheats, expect the banhammer to swing hard.
    • Advertisers of game cheating software will face similar punishments.

Q) How can I quickly report abuse, offer suggestions, and/or get help from the staff members?

A) You may use the !calladmin command in game, mention @staff in our Discord Server, start a new discussion in our Steam group, and by contacting a Staff member.

Q) How can I access the server features?

A) You must be a Steam group member to use commands. Type the !menu command to bring up all the available server features.

Q) How can I disable these annoying ads?

A) Simply be a member in our Steam group! You can type the !group command to instantly receive an invite to our Steam group.

Q) People won't stop killing me even though I'm a friendly!

A) As a Steam Group Member, type !friendly or !f while you are in spawn. This allows you to be invincible without interfering with anyone else's gameplay. To disable friendly mode, just type the same command again in spawn.

Q) I reported someone already. Why has no one come respond?

A) If none of the staff members are available, you should collect some evidence (such as screenshots or demos) of the abuse so we can use it to punish them later.

Q) What should I do if I want someone to stop music spamming?

A) Just politely ask them to stop. If they don't stop or they start being defensive, report them immediately using the !calladmin command.

Q) What if most people on a server want me to keep playing music and only one person wants me to stop, do I still get muted?

A) Yes. As stated above, any one person can make you stop spamming music for any reason, regardless of what others say. Everyone can live without your music.

Q) But the music I'm playing isn't spam. Can I still be told to stop?

A) Yes, you can be asked or forced to stop spamming for any reason.

Q) I got banned for saying "GET GOOD GET LM***OX" as a joke. Can I be unbanned? I swear I wasn't cheating.

A) No. We do not lift bans by the server for automatic detections of cheats. We condemn the advertisement of cheats even if it is meant as a "joke", and anyone found doing so will be punished.

Q) How can I appeal against my punishment?

A) Go to our Appellate Forum and follow the instructions in the pinned topic.

Q) How can I apply to become a moderator?

A) Go to our Community Applications and follow the instructions in the pinned topic.

Q) How can I become an administrator?

A) Only current and experienced moderators can be promoted to administrator.

These policies are applicable to all moderators on all community sites and servers, especially Trial Moderators.
If you witness a belligerent staff member violating this code, please report them directly to the administrators/owner.

  1. ALWAYS provide honest assistance to anyone in any way that you can. You do not have to go completely out of your way, but at least offer some simple tips like gameplay tactics, safe trading practices, server commands, etc.
  2. ALWAYS be polite and courteous to everyone that you may encounter. If people are making inflammatory remarks about you or anyone else, simply mute and/or gag them and let the conversation die.
  3. ALWAYS be proactive in detecting, stopping, and preventing violations of the community rules. Over time, you will learn to find cheaters silently killing everyone or someone spamming the entire Bee Movie script in chat.
  4. ALWAYS collect credible evidence to supplement punishments. This can be done by taking multiple screenshots or by recording a demo in game. Evidence is used to prove that the accused has committed a disruptive act and disproves any disputes.
  5. ALWAYS promote our community in any way that you ethically can. This can be simple acts like inviting your friends to join you in game, inviting them to join our Steam group, taking screenshots or videos of your gameplay in our servers, etc.
  6. ALWAYS report any problems, exploits, and/or feedback to your peers and admins. It is equally important that any problem or exploit that can be abused should be downplayed and suppressed to prevent any further abuse of such exploits.
  7. NEVER have an open argument with anyone about our policies because doing so will poorly represent you and your community. If anyone has a problem with the rules or a punishment, link them to the appellate forum and let them discuss it there.
  8. NEVER abuse your moderator privileges, even as a joke. Your moderator commands should never give you or anyone an unfair advantage in game and should never be used in retaliation by a personal vendetta. You will be demoted and banned.
  9. NEVER invoke punishments that are solely based on rumors and heresy. When people report abuse by simply saying that they are cheating or harassing, always access the situation and look for factual evidence before invoking warnings or punishments.
  10. NEVER use your moderator powers with favoritism and impartiality. Always treat everyone fairly and equally from providing assistance to invoking punishments. This may be difficult, but it is important. See A Theory of Justice by John Rawls for a good read.
  11. NEVER expose content and discussions that are only shared in private discussion forums and channels. In our staff discussions and #staffroom, we discuss many community-related matters that are not appropriate to be known by anyone else in public.
  12. NEVER publicly criticize your peers about moderating. Don't let your peers down. If you have any constructive criticism with regards to the role of a staff member, save it for private messaging or staff discussions.