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We are currently performing maintenance on our game servers. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Jump Academy Classic | Los Angeles
Picture of jump_academy_classic_b.
  • jump_academy_classic_b
MGE No Limits | Los Angeles
Picture of mge_training_v8_beta4b.
  • mge_training_v8_beta4b
Jump Academy Competitive | Los Angeles
Picture of jump_oats_b3.
  • jump_oats_b3
Operation Titanium Tank | Los Angeles
Picture of mvm_dockyard_rc7_spyware_shippi.
  • mvm_dockyard_rc7_spyware_shippi
Jump Academy | Los Angeles
Picture of jump_academy2_rc7.
  • jump_academy2_rc7

Behavior Policy in our Game Servers

We are mainly a mature-adult community.

Please be aware that you may run into adult content in our game servers.

  1. Activity that involves discourtesy, fraud, harassment, intolerance, racism, threats of abuse, and unsolicited advertising are prohibited.
    • If you are a victim of game-related trade fraud, please report the scammer to SteamRep.com or to one of their partnered communities.

  2. Use of cheats and/or exploits to produce an unfair gameplay advantage is not tolerated.
    • Promoting cheats and/or exploits are also strictly prohibited.

  3. Screaming, spamming, loud background noise, and sounds of a broken mic are prohibited.
    • Maintain a respectful and orderly presence in voice chat. Only your voice should be heard.

  4. Spawn camping and related camping is somewhat tolerated within reason.
    • Give the enemy a fair fight on the vast space of the map provided.

If you need help, you may:

  • use the !calladmin command in game to report abuse
  • ping @Staff on our Discord server


Community administrators can make final decisions regarding community affairs that may supersede this policy, but we're usually pretty chill.