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Community Game Servers

Join the Steam Group to access in-game commands

Most commands can be found by typing !menu

Use the !helpme command for all available menus

We run robust anti-cheat programs in our servers

Use !calladmin to report someone in-game

Chat with us on Discord for help and more

Server Rules ...because there's 8+ Billion people on this planet

Basically, if you manage to get banned, you were most likely setting out to do so.

  1. We are a mature-adult community. We allow potentially NSFW content.
  2. Discourtesy, exploitation, and unsolicited advertising are prohibited.
  3. Mic spam is tolerated within reason. Do not make everyone's ears bleed.

If you want to be unbanned or unmuted, please join the Discord server and we'll discuss it there.
Admins can make final decisions that may supersede this policy.

Community Staff

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