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Slender Fortress | US-West
Picture of slender_hospice_b5.
  • slender_hospice_b5
Idle/Trade | US-West
Picture of trade_pancakestf_rc2.
  • trade_pancakestf_rc2
Jump Academy | US-West
Picture of jump_academy2_rc7.
  • jump_academy2_rc7
HIGHERTower | US-West
Picture of plr_highertower_nb_pancakes_v6.
  • plr_highertower_nb_pancakes_v6
Prop Hunt | US-West
Picture of ph_cargo_b7.
  • ph_cargo_b7
2Foooooort! | US-West
Picture of ctf_2fooooooooooooooooort_rc3.
  • ctf_2fooooooooooooooooort_rc3
Achievement Engineer | US-West
Picture of achievement_engineer.
  • achievement_engineer
Payload 24/7 | US-West
Picture of pl_badwater.
  • pl_badwater
MvM 666 | US-West
Picture of mvm_ghost_town.
  • mvm_ghost_town
Control Points 24/7 | US-West
Picture of cp_badlands.
  • cp_badlands
MGE No Limits | US-West
Picture of mge_training_v8_beta4b.
  • mge_training_v8_beta4b
Capture the Flag 24/7 | US-West
Picture of ctf_2fort.
  • ctf_2fort
King of the Hill 24/7 | US-West
Picture of koth_harvest_final.
  • koth_harvest_final

Behavior Policy in our Game Servers

  1. We are mainly a mature-adult community.
    • For our younger community members, be aware that you will likely run into adult content and discussions in our game servers.
    • We can tolerate a reasonable level of adult content and profanity solely for its comical value that everyone can agree on.

  2. Do not spam in voice chat, text chat.
    • Advertising, discourtesy, fraud, harassment, intolerance, phishing, racism, solicitation, sounds of a broken mic, and threats of violence are prohibited.

  3. We do not tolerate any form of fraudulent activity.
    • Do not use any form of deception, thievery, lies, or anything that is underhanded to take advantage of or steal from another user.
    • If you see game-related trade fraud, please report the scammer to SteamRep.com or to one of their partnered communities.

  4. Spawn camping and related camping is somewhat tolerated within reason.
    • If the opposing team asks you to back off, please do so.
    • Give the enemy a fair fight on the vast space of the map provided.

  5. We do not tolerate abuse of any exploits or use of cheats.
    • Promoting cheats and/or exploits are also strictly prohibited.

If you need help, you may:

  • use the !calladmin command in game to report abuse
  • ping @Staff on our Discord server


Community administrators can make final decisions regarding community affairs that may supersede this policy, but we're usually pretty chill.